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Now you can register your EasyCard. It’s…well…EASY! Just fill out the form. Be sure to include your 10-digit EasyCard number when asked, then note your name and contact information. I’ll get all of your information entered into the EasyCard system, and that’s that. Rest assured, nobody but Green Lightning Laundry will have access to your information, and I promise to keep promotional mailings to an absolute minimum (at this time, there are NO plans for spam from us!)

Need another reason to register your EasyCard? Here are a few:

  • If you have multiple cards/accounts, we can combine the balances and bonus credits onto one card for your convenience.
  • Lost or stolen cards can often be retrieved and returned to you.
  • If you ever need a refund, a credit can be put on your account much quicker if your card is registered.
  • Lost cards that can’t be recovered can have their balances transferred to your new card.
  • During the summer season, We’ll be running additional specials and promotions for registered customers only!

Any questions? Just use the Suggestions Box to contact us and ask away!

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