A “Golden Holiday”?

We’re curious. How many of our Coos Bay, North Bend or Reedsport customers carry or use $1 coins? Green Lightning Laundry would like to find out! From Halloween weekend through the end of 2011, all drop-off laundry services will be just $1 per pound when your payment includes one or more golden dollar coins. Also, since there aren’t any drop-off laundry services at GLL – Coos Bay, any time you see Case in the laundromat, you can give him 2 dollar coins for $3 worth of snacks or laundry products from our vending machines.

That’s a full 33.3% off drop-off laundry services and vending products, now through the end of 2011 at Green Lightning Laundry! All other drop-off policies and procedures still apply.

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We’re online! (But you already knew that.)

Whether you “like” us on facebook, “follow” us on twitter, “Check-In” with foursquare, “subscribe” to the RSS Feed, “review us” on Yelp, or just visit our website, come see what we’re up to. Coupons, specials, promotions and news always appear online first, so visit us online, then come by for your express, green clean!

 Green Lightning Laundry on facebookGreen Lightning Laundry on twitterGreen Lightning Laundry on foursquareRSS feed for Green Lightning LaundryGreen Lightning Laundry on Yelp

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And the winner is:

Congratulations to Ryan J. Who did a dance he calls “The Dirty Wash Tub” at Green Lightning Laundry – Coos Bay. As the winner of our first Laundromat Dance Contest, Ryan is the winner of a $25 credit to his EasyCard. Nice moves!

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So You Think You Can Dance!

The Monster Washers are lonely this month, so why don’t you bust out your best dance moves to cheer them up? Green Lightning Laundry is holding the first ever Laundromat Dance Contest at each of our 3 locations, so come on by, bust a move or glide a waltz and show us what you’ve got. We’re giving FREE WASHES to everyone who enters, and the winner with the best dance moves will receive a $25 CREDIT on their account!

Here’s the details and “official stuff”:
1) To enter, you must be a Green Lightning Laundry customer. Have your EasyCard ready!
2) Between noon and 4pm each day, show us your favorite dance moves while standing in front of “The Monsters” (staff need not be present to enter – video surveillance is in use.)
3) Immediately after your dance, use your EasyCard to open the restroom door TWICE.
4) Management will watch your dance performance and record your entry for the judges.
5) Each entered EasyCard account will receive ONE FREE BONUS WASH after your entry is reviewed.
6) No new contest entries after 8/1/2011. All entries will be reviewed, and the winner will be announced 8/5/2011.

If there are any questions, please don’t hesitate to call (541) 982-2500 or eMail info@GreenLightningLaundry.com


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And the winner is…

After proving that Reedsport is the most tech-savvy (or at least Facebook-savvy) town on the Oregon Coast, ReedsportGLL has been declared the winner of our “Do you LIKE us?” contest! Green Lightning Laundry customers in Reedsport can come by the laundromat at 320 North 14th Street in Reedsport to do their wash on Tuesday, June 14, 2011 for free detergent for every load. You’ll have to be sure to visit while an attendant is on duty – that’s 8am-5pm with a break from noon-1pm. Load up your washers, and she’ll put an appropriate amount of Tide detergent in the machine for you. Wash as many loads as you like…the Tide is courtesy of our Facebook fans!

Another benefit is that ReedsportGLL fans now have a much easier address to type when visiting their Facebook page. www.facebook.com/ReedsportGLL now gets the job done. That’s much easier than
http://www.facebook.com/pages/Green-Lightning-Laundry-North-Bend/144002248981557 or
if you ask me!

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Do you LIKE Green Lightning Laundry?

Green Lightning Laundry has re-structured its presence on Facebook, and it’s time to earn some FREE STUFF! First up is a contest to see which laundromat’s page is “liked” most. Whichever Green Lightning Laundry place page has the most “likes” will earn free detergent for that location! Reedsport already has a bit of a head-start, so get busy and “like” your favorite…heck, go ahead and “like” all 3. We already have!

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Register your EasyCard!

I’ve been getting a few requests lately from people who have more than one EasyCard from Green Lightning Laundry. We already know that if you use the same EasyCard to start 12 washes, the system gives that card a bonus FREE WASH in a double-load machine. So what about the person who has used one card for 4 washes, lost the card, bought a new one, used it for 4 or 5 washes, gave it to a friend, then bought another new one for $1 and used it 3 or 4 times? Shouldn’t they get the same free double-load wash? After all, they’ve paid for 12 (or more) washes! The problem is, the computer has no way of knowing that it was the same person using all 3 of those EasyCards. 3 people doing 4 washes each still equals 12 washes, but how can the computer know who to give the FREE WASH to?

Now you can register your EasyCard. It’s…well…EASY! Just click on over to the EasyCard Info page, and fill out the form. Be sure to include your 10-digit EasyCard number when asked, then note your name and contact information. I’ll get all of your information entered into the EasyCard system, and that’s that. Rest assured, nobody but Green Lightning Laundry will have access to your information, and I promise to keep promotional mailings to an absolute minimum (at this time, there are NO plans for spam from us!)

Need another reason to register your EasyCard? Here are a few:

  • If you have multiple cards/accounts, we can combine the balances and bonus credits onto one card for your convenience.
  • Lost or stolen cards can often be retrieved and returned to you.
  • If you ever need a refund, a credit can be put on your account much quicker if your card is registered.
  • Lost cards that can’t be recovered can have their balances transferred to your new card.
  • During the summer season, We’ll be running additional specials and promotions for registered customers only!

Any questions? Just use the Suggestions Box to contact us and ask away!

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It’s official…the “OPEN” sign lit up around 11:30 this morning in Reedsport. We’ve got free EasyCards for the weekend, free laundry products and an array of other giveaways and surprises. For the next few days, we’ll be open 9 am to 6 pm. By next week, however, our regular 24/7 hours will take effect for the ultimate in laundry convenience day or night!

There are still a few small glitches to be worked out, but especially if you’ve been saving your dirty laundry until we opened, come on down and see what Green Lightning Laundry’s “express green clean” is all about.




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Almost there…!

If you’ve spent any time in Reedsport lately you might have noticed plenty of activity at the old Coin Laundry on North 14th Street (Next to McDonald’s.) the building is painted, machines are installed and all of the major renovation work is about complete. There are still a few more things to do – paving and striping the parking lot, mounting our sign, assemble the furniture, etc.

I think Reedsport has been without a laundromat long enough, so I’m going to tentatively announce the opening of Green Lightning Laundry – Reedsport on the morning of Saturday, April 23.

You’ll have to bear with us while we put a few finishing touches on the place, but barring any unforeseen delays, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be able to come and see what’s new.

We’ll have free EasyCards for the first day to get you going. Be sure to find or print your free laundry products coupon for some free detergent, bleach or fabric softener (selection may vary) too! We’ll have other surprise giveaways as well, and for the first month or so anyone with an EasyCard from our Coos Bay or North Bend stores can have balances and free wash credits transferred to their Reedsport card – Just ask for Case while you’re at the laundromat.

If you’ve been saving dirty laundry to wash in Reedsport (or if you just want a preview of what we’re up to) be sure to stop by either of our other two locations. Remember, you get a free double-load wash after every 12 washes, and you can start counting those 12 washes now at the Coos Bay or North Bend stores.

Whenever you need to get your wash done Green, Clean and Lightning Fast, remember Green Lightning Laundry – now in Coos Bay, North Bend and Reedsport!

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We’re just a few weeks from opening Green Lightning Laundry – Reedsport! In the meantime, I know it’s an inconvenience to have to come all the way to North Bend to do your wash. In addition to the FREE LAUNDRY PRODUCT coupon available here at www.GreenLightningLaundry.com, I wanted to make you aware of another give away that’s available to all Green Lightning Laundry customers: FREE WASH! That’s right, after every 12 washes (in any size machine) using the same EasyCard, all Green Lightning Laundry customers receive a free wash in one of our double-load machines.

You might be asking, “but what happens when I’ve used the North Bend laundromat for a few weeks, and then have to get a new EasyCard when Reedsport re-opens?” Normally, changing laundromats would mean starting all over with a new EasyCard. For the first 30 days after Green Lightning Laundry – Reedsport opens, however, I’ll be transferring any unused balances and wash credits from your Coos Bay or North Bend EasyCard to your new Reedsport EasyCard. This is a limited time offer for Reedsport customers only. What it means is you can begin accumulating your FREE WASH CREDITS now, and have the FREE WASH available when the new laundromat is open. Yes, there’s a catch. Balances can only be transferred if you Register your EasyCards – either here at www.GreenLightningLaundry.com or in person with one of our helpful attendants. They’ll simply add your name, contact information and EasyCard account number to the list of transfers I need to make. Then, the first time you’re in to use the laundromat in Reedsport, simply buy a new EasyCard (it will have a new account number) and register the new card as well. Once I get all of your information together, I’ll transfer any remaining balance, free wash credits, and a bonus dollar from your Coos Bay or North Bend account to your Reedsport account.

I know it’s a lot of account number detail to think about, but here’s the best part: you don’t have to! Just ask one of our friendly staff how to get your free laundry products, free EasyCard, FREE WASH credits and balances transferred. They’re always happy to help!

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